Supercharged Bytecode Interpreters For Embedded Systems

If your company is in the Java™ embedded systems market and could use significantly faster Java performance then our EBCI™ Interpreter technology is for you! Many of today's embedded Java platform designs are plagued by poor execution speed. But, with a Bytecodes interpreter your Java code will experience an instant 2 to 5 times speed boost.

All Bytecodes EBCI Interpreters Feature:

     Very High Speed - Runs Entirely in On-chip Cache

     Games Sizzle with 3 Times Faster Floating-point Emulation

     Java Based Graphics Rendering 4.5 Times Faster

     No Ahead-of-time or Just-in-time Compiler Required

     Instant Startup, No Translation Overhead Stalls

     42% of Bytecodes Faster Than Hardware Partial Accels.

     Method Calls 52% Faster Than Hardware Partial Accels.

     Downloaded Classes Experience Full Speedup

     Adds Only 8-24K to Total System Footprint

     No Battery Draining Extra Hardware

     Faster Monitor Locking

     Passes Java Bytecode Compliance Validation Suites

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