Java Language Conformance

The complexity of our EBCI™ technology requires specialized testing and validation beyond what ordinary Java™ certification suites can provide. For this reason Bytecodes has its own extensive test and validation suite consisting of over 110,000 lines of 'C' code. A validation consists of executing 20.6 million dynamically generated Java programs and passing each one. Our Floating-point emulation validation alone typically takes 10 days to run. In fact, our tests are so comprehensive that we have discovered significant errors in other interpreters that had been "certified" as correct by other validation suites.

Because of our own high quality validation, customer integrated EBCI interpreters have passed every attempted third-party virtual machine bytecode conformance test without failure. When you upgrade to EBCI technology not only do you gain a significant speed boost, but your software will remain conformant to the latest third-party Java validation suites.

With Bytecodes you can be confident of having not only the fastest interpreters but stability to match!

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