J2ME™ CLDC Embedded CaffeineMark™

Embedded CaffeineMark Scores 3.2 and 5.7 Times Faster than Optimized 'C'

The above chart contains the Embedded CaffeineMark™ scores for J2ME™ CLDC (Connected, Limited Device Configuration.). Eliminated is the floating-point test which is not applicable since CLDC does not support floating-point operations. (Bytecodes can optionally supply high-speed floating-point support.) Data is for ARM™ and StrongARM™ EBCI versions.

Our interpreters use no "tricks" such as hidden translations, preprocessed class files, in-lined native methods, special method name handling, etc. The performance you see above was obtained by direct interpretation only and using stock Java runtimes.

The 'C' compiler used for StrongARM was Microsoft™ eMbedded Visual C/C++ 3.0 optimization level -Ot. The compiler used for ARM Thumb was TMS470 ANSI C/C++ Compiler Version 1.22e optimization level -O1. The highest valid compiler optimization levels were used.

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